Enjoy the flexibility of short term technology rentals


For maximum flexibility ask about our servicePlus Short Term Rentals

If you’re business needs the flexibility of a short-term equipment rental, Computer Leasing can assist. We offer the ability to rent computing equipment for short term periods ranging from month by month up to 12 months through our short term servicePLUS Rental Plan. 

It’s the perfect solution for temporary staff or contract appointments, training courses, stock takes, or proof of concept projects.

You can be assured that all equipment will be delivered to you with a clean installation of the latest operating system, firmware and drivers, and will be securely wiped when the equipment is returned at the end of the rental.

Take the stress out of short term equipment requirements by talking to Computer Leasing today about a short term servicePLUS Rental Plan.

Hardware Service & Support

We have all heard the saying ‘time is money’ and if your equipment fails you do not want to be exposed to user downtime while waiting for equipment to be repaired nor do you want to be paying for someone’s time to diagnose & repair the problem.  You want to be back up and running as quickly as possible. With a servicePlus Rental Plan we guarantee you will be.

The following services are included in our servicePlus Rental providing you with the best value for money.

Lifetime Hardware Warranty*

All our servicePLUS rental and lease equipment comes with the benefit of the manufacturer’s warranty. Once the manufacturer’s warranty expires, we’ll make sure you’re protected by continuing to offer you all the benefits of the manufacturer’s warranty for the remaining lifetime of your lease with us.


In the event of a hardware or software fault, you’ll have the flexibility of requesting either a repair of the equipment, or replacement equipment of the same or better specification. If you’re in the Auckland area, our team can have replacement hardware on a courier to you within 4 hours (with next business day support for those customers located outside of Auckland).