Flexibility and service that is second to none


Take advantage of our servicePLUS Long Term Lease

If you’re looking for a long-term computing equipment solution, but want the flexibility and service that typically only comes with short term rentals, take a look at our servicePLUS Lease Plan for longer terms. You’ll receive the best service levels and upgrade options available within New Zealand.

Maintain your business performance

Our servicePLUS Leases are designed to offer you maximum service in the case of any issues, so should you experience any problems, we’ll have you back up and running in a flash. Our servicePLUS Lease is 100% tax deductible, leaving your capital available to be invested in appreciating assets, and the flexibility of our plans removes your need to predict future IT requirements, allowing you to upgrade or expand as you require. 

Compare the benefits of servicePLUS Leases versus Master Leases in our handy guide.

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Hardware Service & Support

We have all heard the saying ‘time is money’ and if your equipment fails you do not want to be exposed to user downtime while waiting for equipment to be repaired nor do you want to be paying for someone’s time to diagnose & repair the problem. You want to be back up and running as quickly as possible. With a servicePLUS Lease Plan we guarantee you will be.

The following services are included in our servicePLUS Lease providing you with the best value for money.

Lifetime Hardware Warranty*

All our servicePLUS rental and lease equipment comes with the benefit of the manufacturer’s warranty. Once the manufacturer’s warranty expires, we’ll make sure you’re protected by continuing to offer you all the benefits of the manufacturer’s warranty for the remaining lifetime of your lease with us.

DEVICE Replacement guarantee

In the event of a hardware or software fault, you’ll have the flexibility of requesting either a repair of the equipment, or replacement equipment of the same or better specification. If you’re in the Auckland area, our team can have replacement hardware on a courier to you within 4 hours (with next business day support for those customers located outside of Auckland).

Loan Equipment

If, for whatever reason you need a spare part or replacement piece of equipment to assist with diagnosing a problem, we will be happy to supply the item you require at no charge, to assist with the troubleshooting process.

Business Continuity

In the event of a disaster to your business e.g. fire, theft or damage, we will supply you with replacement equipment until you have the ability to sort out your insurance.

Flexible Upgrade Options

Most businesses have a hard time trying to ascertain what their IT requirements will be for the future. To assist our customers with these challenges we have included the following flexible upgrade options to allow you to change or upgrade your equipment as your needs change.

Upgrade or Add

At any time during the agreement term you can upgrade your equipment by adding additional items to your agreement and simply pay the incremental price per month.


Once you are 80% of the way through your agreement, you may exchange or replace all your equipment for new equipment without incurring any penalties by simply signing a new agreement for the same term as the original agreement.

* excludes server equipment

Early Re-Sign

You are able to exchange/replace your equipment for new equipment prior to the end of your agreement term providing that the monthly value of the new agreement is more than the existing agreement. Depending on your requirements an early upgrade fee may apply.

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