An ideal service solution for New Zealand's IT Resellers


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Computer Leasing has experienced great working relationships with IT Support & Software Development / Implementation companies. This has led to the creation of the Systems Integrators Reseller Program. This program is designed to provide your customers a flexible rental plan that includes the best service level and upgrade options available within New Zealand.

You continue to provide your customers great service & support without having to rely on multinational vendors to respond quickly to your customers needs. You know that in the event of a fault you can rely on us to deliver the replacement equipment to your customer within 4 hours or you can even come and collect the equipment from our premises immediately.

There is no waiting around trying to process RMA paperwork or convince the helpdesk that you actually know what you are talking about. Simply pick up the phone and tell us what part you need and it will be ready for collection or on a urgent courier to your customer within half an hour of your phone call.

What we provide your customers

  • High Quality Reliable Business Systems & Software
  • 4 Hour On-Site Hardware Warranty
  • Equipment Replacement
  • Equipment Loan
  • Flexible Upgrade Options

What we provide you

  • A Guaranteed Monthly Revenue Stream
  • Written Proposals & Brochures
  • Phone Support
  • Email Support
  • Remote Support
  • Additional Consultancy Capacity

Application Requirements

  • You pitch proposals to your customer
  • You provide 1st Line Support
  • You provide Fault Identification & Escalation