Computing equipment solutions for your business
tailored to your requirements and your budget.

Welcome to Computer Leasing. We believe in helping our customers find the right computing equipment solutions for their business. Enough technology to get things done, but not so much that it costs too much or is unnecessarily complicated. We’ve created a Performance Guarantee (see below) to give you the confidence that we’ll provide you with a solution that works for your business.

As New Zealand’s only technology based rental & lease provider, we can create technology solutions for your business tailored to meet your specific needs, giving you the choice of servicePLUS Rental (short term), servicePLUS Lease (long term), or a Master Lease (long term). Best of all, we can provide exceptional back-up service, so that should the worst happen to your computing equipment (theft, damage or an inexplicable breakdown), you can be back up and running within hours.

Our commitment is to always give our customers the right solution to meet their needs, with enough flexibility to allow their business to grow without their computers, printers, or other technology causing any issues. 

We know that computing equipment is at its best when it works seamlessly and we’re here to help make sure it does.

We're proud to be a little different to other leasing companies.

We’ll price the right computing solution for your business, or we’ll upgrade you for free*.

That's right, when you get a quote from Computer Leasing, we'll outline our understanding of your requirements, and then we'll guarantee that the solution we're recommending will be up to the job. If it isn't, we'll upgrade your computing equipment - at no additional cost to you.

* We will upgrade your machine to the next minimum requirement to meet your needs or allow you to return the equipment within 30 days.