Computer performance so good we guarantee it


We’ll price the right solution for your business, or we’ll upgrade you for free*.

When you get a quote on technology, you want to be sure that the technology you’re investing in will do what you need it to do. 

We can talk to you in plain English about the needs of your business, and quickly create a proposal with the PC’s or other equipment you’ll need to get the job done. Our proposals are delivered to you in plain language, and clarify your specific requirements so you can be clear we’ve understood exactly what you need to achieve. 

We’re so confident in our ability to find the right solution for your business that we’ll guarantee our performance.

Here’s how our guarantee works:
If you agree to a Computer Leasing quote, and then find that our recommendations don’t deliver on your requirements – we’ll upgrade your equipment* at no additional cost to you. 

Talk to us today about your requirements and get a solution that’s guaranteed to work for you.

* We will upgrade your machine to the next minimum requirement to meet your needs, or allow you to return the equipment within 30 days.