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Because businesses are more reliant on technology today than ever before, they need a technology partner that understands and meets the needs of their business.

Computer Leasing are focused on providing a range of flexible technology solutions for New Zealand businesses. Solutions that are tailored to suit the needs of each business we work with.

We’re here to provide our clients the peace of mind that comes from knowing, that regardless of whatever else might be going on in their business, their technology is one thing they don’t have to worry about.

Businesses rely on their technology to perform. Computer Leasing provides the technology solutions that business can rely upon.


We find the right technology solution for your business


Be confident that your technology is fit for purpose.

Computer Leasing's approach is to find you the best technology solutions for your business. Enough technology to get things done, but not so much that it costs too much or is unnecessarily complicated.

Our commitment, is to always give our customers the right solution to meet their needs, with enough flexibility to allow their business to grow – without their computers, printers, or other technology causing any issues.

We take the time to understand your needs - that way, we can provide you a solution that works for your business.


Looking for more flexible rental or lease options?


With our range of options, the choice is clear.

We recognise that different businesses have different needs. For some, the future is uncertain, and their technology needs could change dramatically. Others are more established and stable. 

Regardless of where your business is at, we can provide a technology solution to meet your needs.

Compare the costs of buying outright to leasing, or consider a rental agreement that offers you maximum flexibility. Computer Leasing offers a range of solutions so you can choose the option that fits best with your needs.

We offer New Zealand’s only rental agreements on technology equipment, which allows us to give you more choice about the price and service levels you want.

Looking for pricing and service to match your needs? The choice is clear.


Here's five reasons why our clients like working with us



First and foremost, we provide technology solutions that work. We provide these by listening to your specific needs and then meeting them with proven, fit for purpose equipment.



As one of the first technology leasing companies in NZ, we’ve been helping businesses with their technology for more than 20 years. When we say we can get you the right solution – it’s because we’ve done it hundreds of times before.



Whether you want a short term or long term solution, want to buy, lease or rent, we’ve can provide the right solution for you. And we’ll present your options in plain English. Simple.



Short or long term, our rental and lease agreements offer you immense flexibility to help your business meet it’s changing needs. Business is never static, so we offer you the flexibility to adapt.



SERVICEOur servicePLUS Rental or servicePLUS Lease offers exceptional support. If you have any problems with your equipment (including theft), we’ll either fix it or replace it within 4 hours. Plus, if you need additional equipment to help diagnose a problem, we’ll happily provide it at no cost. Got a problem – you’ll be back up and running in no time.