A great solution for low monthly payments freeing up valuable capital


Enjoy the savings with a Long Term Master Lease

If you have an internal IT manager, or have an outsourced IT partner, our Master Lease could be a great solution for you. Every lease includes a 3 year hardware warranty, to ensure you are covered for the length of your lease. 

Our Master Lease does not require a deposit, and the small monthly payments allow you to get the equipment you need to perform today, while spreading the cost over the productive lifetime of the equipment. Leasing allows you to free up capital in your business to be spent in more productive areas, while still maintaining current technology so your business can perform efficiently and effectively.

Compare the benefits of servicePLUS Lease versus Master Lease in our handy guide

For more information about a Master Lease, or to arrange a no-obligation quote, talk to Computer Leasing today.

Market Leading Brands

Equipment is available from market leading brands such as Hewlett Packard, Cisco, APC and more. All equipment is provided with a 3 year hardware warranty to ensure that you are covered for the duration of the lease term.

Obtain a total solution

Up to one third of the total cost of your solution can be costs such as software*. Even installation, training and warranty can be included in the agreement. Peripheral items such as Mobile phones, cameras, etc are commonly included in operating leases. * Conditions apply.

Tax deductible payments*

Monthly payments are an operating expense (like rent, telephone or electricity bills) and are typically 100% tax deductible. Payments are off balance sheet.

Flexible Upgrade Options

Most businesses have a hard time trying to ascertain what their IT requirements will be for the future. To assist our customers with these challenges we have included the following flexible upgrade options to allow you to change or upgrade your equipment as your needs change.

Upgrade or Add

At any time during the agreement term you can upgrade your equipment by adding additional items to your agreement and simply pay the incremental price per month.