The choice for those who like ownership.


Enjoy knowing that your hardware is your own.

If you have the capital available, and prefer to own your computer equipment rather than lease or rent it, then purchase is likely to be your choice. 

Ask about our procurement services for equipment purchase. Of course it’s natural you’d want to make sure you get the best possible price, but you’ll also want to ensure you find computer equipment that won’t let you down on a regular basis. That’s where Computer Leasing come in. We'll work to get you a great price, but we'll also give you the benefit of our leasing and rental experience, so we can help you find systems that won't give you trouble. So you can assess which equipment might be worth paying a little more for.

If you'd like to know more about the pro's and con's of purchase over rental and lease options, you can compare the benefits of purchase versus rental versus leasing in our handy guide

For more information about buying computer equipment for your business, or to arrange a no-obligation quote, talk to Computer Leasing today.