Is live streaming the next big strategy for SME marketing?


Live streaming could be the next big thing in SME marketing. Here’s why you’ll want to make it part of your strategy.

Going live

Live streaming is videoing and sharing in real-time to engage viewers in the experience. You can do use social media platforms such as Facebook Live and Instagram, as well as video staples like YouTube, Periscope, Ustream and DaCast. You don’t need any special tools or equipment, just a smartphone and the relevant apps. Plus, something to shoot or say, of course.

To the x-stream

So what are the benefits of live streaming for businesses? First and foremost, it gives you a platform to share live events such as conferences and industry launches. This allows your audience to get an exclusive behind-the-scenes perspective of events they don't otherwise get to see. You can also film interviews using either your staff or industry experts.

Live streaming lets you shine a unique light on your organisation and show your audience how you work. You can even use it as a channel to run training sessions in specialist software or equipment, either for employees or external professionals interested in learning new skills.

Building the brand

Whatever you’re using live streaming for, there are some rules for businesses to follow. Firstly: engagement is key. Take the time to read comments and questions, and answer them where possible. That way, viewers will feel a lot more invested in the video and will be more likely to tune in again.

Thankfully, it should be relatively easy to foster a sense of community on your video posts. According to Facebook, users comment over 10 times more on a Facebook Live video than a standard video uploaded to the site.

Secondly, you should also react quickly to current events or industry trends. If you can, you’ll make your live stream the go-to place for industry news and consolidate your brand as being cutting edge.

For example, Computer expo CeBIT Australia teamed up with Viocorp to live stream the plenary sessions, including international keynotes from industry speakers. That way, viewers could tune in to get the news straightaway, without relying on technology sites to report it.

Live streaming has many benefits for SMBs, and it’s not expensive to get started. Make it a part of your digital strategy and start reaping the rewards today.